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Patient Support Programs (PSP’s) are designed to ensure that patients receive timely and expedient access to what is needed to manage existing conditions and enjoy a continued quality of life. Managing conditions requires financial and medical support to keep patients on track in their therapy. Having a program in place that alleviates financial and logistical burdens is what inspired us to launch AccordCare.

AccordCare is the suite of patient support services offered by Accord Healthcare Inc. in Canada. The AccordCare Patient Support Program will provide Patient, Pharmacy, and Prescriber support services for:

Patient Enrollment

Reimbursement Navigation

Financial Assistance

Bridge Coverage

Adherence Support

We are proud to launch Accord Care and the evolution of patient support with our Dimethyl Fumarate Patient Support and Fingolimod Pregnancy Registry programs.

Patient enrollment will be simple and easy
Representatives will aid in gathering patient information, completing the enrollment form, and submitting to AccordCare by Fax or Email. Enrollment can be initiated by either Physician or Pharmacy. Patients may also self-enroll in the PSP by contacting the PSP directly.

AccordCare Toll-free number: 1- 855-310-5103

AccordCare Toll-free fax: 1-833-593-0055

Accordcare Email Address: accordcare@pspsupport.ca

For more information about AccordCare, visit www.accordcare.ca